1 noun (C)
1 FOR ANIMALS a piece of equipment for catching animals: a mouse caught in a trap | set a trap (=prepare it)
—see also: mousetrap
2 BAD SITUATION an unpleasant or difficult situation that is difficult to escape from: Amanda felt that marriage was a trap.
3 CLEVER TRICK a clever trick that is used to catch someone or to make them do or say something that they did not intend to: fall/walk into a trap: Hopefully, the thief will fall right into our trap. | lay a trap (for) (=arrange a trap for someone)
4 fall into the trap of doing sth to do something that seems good at the time but is not sensible or wise: Don't fall into the trap of investing all your money in one place.
5 keep your trap shut spoken to not say anything about things that are secret: Just keep your trap shut, and we won't get into trouble.
6 shut your trap! spoken a rude way of telling someone to stop talking
7 VEHICLE a light vehicle with two wheels, pulled by a horse: a pony and trap
8 SPORT AmE a place on a golf course where there is sand, and from which it is difficult to hit the ball; bunker (3) BrE
9 DOG RACE a special gate from which a dog is set free at the beginning of a greyhound race
—see also: booby trap, death trap, poverty trap, speed trap 2 verb (T)
1 IN A DANGEROUS PLACE (usually passive) to prevent someone from escaping from a dangerous place: Twenty miners were trapped underground.
2 IN A BAD SITUATION be trapped to be in a bad situation from which you cannot escape: Julia felt trapped in a dead end job.
3 ANIMAL to catch an animal or bird using a trap
4 CATCH SB to catch someone by forcing them into a place from which they cannot escape: The police trapped the terrorists at a roadblock.
5 TRICK SB to trick someone so that you make them do or say something that they did not intend to: trap sb into (doing) sth: I was trapped into signing a confession.
6 CRUSH to get a part of your body crushed between two objects: a four-year-old who had trapped his fingers in the door | pain from a trapped nerve in the back
7 GAS/WATER ETC to hold and keep gas, water etc so that it can be used later: solar panels that trap the sun's heat

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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